Thursday, September 07, 2006

Jack Wilson, longest tenured Pirate, should be traded

In the past week or so Ryan Dempster has had 3 breakdowns against our beloved Buccos. If only he could pitch against us everyday... In any case the Pirates have the best record in the NL Central since the All-Star break. We also have the best record in the major leagues in one-run games since the All-Star break at 12-2. Prior to the break they were 9-25. Not too good. On the road the Pirates are a measly 20-51 while at home the Bucs are 3 games over 500 at 36-33. One thing that has become more clear to me in watching the Pirates lately is that we need to trade Jack Wilson. Trading Wilson would a) free up a little cash, though not much, b) allow Bautista to move to third, his natural position, and move Freddy to SS, his natural position c) when packaged with a starter, perhaps Maholm, Chacon, Santos, etc. could bring us a decent return in RF or at firstbase. I think Jack and Paul would bring us the best return. I doubt any of this will happen, but it would allow the Pirates to move on and stop worrying about where to play Freddy and Jose, since both are more valuable to the team than light hitting Jack Wilson.