Wednesday, July 05, 2006

When the All-Star Game Meant Something

What happened? Manny Ramirez is planning on skipping the All-Star game. Frankly I don't blame the guy, it is a long season and those three days off mean a lot to the players. Conversely, the All-Star game is an honor to be a part of. It used to be a battle of players who never got to face each other except in the post-season. Now the winner of the game decides home field advantage in the World Series. To me this is utter crap. 95% of the players in the All-Star game won't be in the World Series, so that little carrot on a stick doesn't drive them.

The root of the problem lies in interleague play, something else I find stupid. The World Series is about two teams, the best in each league fighting it out to find out which team is better. Now there is a possibility of those two teams facing off in the regular season, something which I think is trash. Also for teams like the Pirates, Royals, lower tier competition, we just get screwed and it adds to our even more pathetic record.

I wish players longed to play in the All-Star game, I wish they couldn't wait to face off against that opposing pitcher who has a nasty ERA along with a nasty slider they've never seen. The love of the game and the league is dying thanks to Bud Selig, Donald Fehr, and the owners.

I watched the Bucs get beaten again today. The bullpen has been fantastic lately. If only our starters could give up less runs...

Until next time, I look forward to watching Gorzelanny tomorrow. PEACE.

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