Tuesday, June 27, 2006

There is a God

Wow. I have to say I was mentally preparing myself for the Pens to be gone after this year. It seems in a startling turn of events that Mark Cuban and Danny Marino have joined the ownership group headed up by New York cab baron Andy Murstein. This guy has pledged in the past he wouldn't move the team if he bought it and this pretty much solidifies that. I heard this all on my lunch break on ESPN radio, apparently Tim Benz talked to that guy or something.

This is, in all reality, the best thing to happen since the Steelers won the Super Bowl. In case you people are either retarded or living under a rock, Sidney Crosby will bring this town multiple Stanley Cups. He's the best thing since Pittsburgh's very own French-Canadian Jesus, Mario Lemieux. I can't tell you how happy I am right now.

Granted, it's not like these guys have bought the team yet but they are perceived as one of the two front runners. This also puts huge pressure on Mario to sell the team to this ownership group simply because they will keep the team here. Now only if we could get Kevin Stevens back...

Ozzie Confirms All Rumors...

And calls McClatchy a "fag" after his comments yesterday. Not that we didn't already know. From what I hear he's as queer as a three dollar bill, not that there's anything wrong with that (credit Seinfeld of course). I love how McClatchy drops these quotes like we haven't been losing for the past 14 years, then goes on to say he still has faith in DL and Tracy. I mean come on, just sell the fucking team already.

Anyway, Ozzie and the Cracker Sox are going to have to do quite a bit of what Ozzie is demonstrating above for our Rats to have any chances before Jimmy Leyland rides his Tigers back into town. I'm already dreading watching the next six home games... and I'm actually going to a third of them. Could we actually have a 20 game losing streak? Perhaps. We play (arguably) the two best AL teams (they have the best records anyway), then play the best team in the NL, the Metropolitans. Needless to say this week and a half will not be a fun one for you, me or anyone else who has invested anything into this joke of a season.

Oh yeah, the Pirates made their best front office move since getting JBay from the Pads a couple weeks ago by ramming these VOTE ads down our thoats. Don't get me wrong Bay has the numbers to start the all-star game, but should the worst team in baseball have an all-star starter or maybe even two. Jack might deserve it as well, but if this team has two all-star starters on it, the player with the most write-in NL votes (Freddy "Dirty" Sanchez), and a potential rookie of the year candidate (Ronny Paulino), shouldn't they be better than 26-51. Oh wait, we have our manager tossing players under the bus like a deranged, dip spitting, drunk step dad from some bad Lifetime movie...

I don't know why my two friends haven't posted anything yet, they are both better with baseball and writing in general than I am. As I said they both work in the visiting clubhouse at PNC so are pretty busy when the Rats are in town.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Thank You "Where have you gone, Andy Van Slyke?"

Thanks to Pat for putting up the blog, hopefully increasing the readship above the amount of people who watched the whole Rats - Royals blood bath. I'm still attempting to digest the series, but it's kind of like drinking Ipecac. You know no matter how hard to try, things are still going to get really messy in a hurry. Of course the White Flag made another appearance. Another two wild pitches in yesterday's game, thank god it was a day game...

Anyway, weekend plans include watching the Rats battle the Dodgers, drinking to excess on the South Side, so I probably won't be blogging again till Monday. Have a good weekend all and don't do anything I wouldn't....


Thursday, June 22, 2006

I HATE Vending Machines

Just tired to get a little mid-morning snack at the ole' vending machine, the son-of-a-bitch got wedged in there and wouldn't come out . You would think with all of the technology we now posses that someone would think of a better snack delivery system than multiple chutes with a coil rotating to push out a bag of whatever into a plunge that sometimes the snack never makes. The worst part is I know some fat bastard is going to waddle in break room see the Party Mix I was craving wedged in there and buy the chips above it just to get the bonus Party Mix, I bet it will make their day. On sheer principle I didn't do that because I don't want that many snacks, I don't want to turn into the fatty that is going to do that and playing 85 cents is enough for one bag of chips. I hate fat people.

UPDATE: The Chips are GONE. Day ruined.

The Crying Game

Well, how much longer do you expect this to keep happening? I looked over at my friends Alex and Todd last night (who will hopefully be writing in this space soon) rubbed my hands together in the top of the first and asked, "How are we gonna lose this one?" Of course I was right (maybe I should stop saying things like that, some girl I had been going out with called me rude and arrogant the other day. Fuck her I'm better than her anyway). But I mean "Com' on" as Jimmy would say, this is getting border line ridiculous.

I think Tracy needs to use a bit of a shorter rope with our young starters. I know, I know I would like to see them battle throw it as well, but this is becoming a disturbing trend. Our starters chug along till the 6th inning with a bit of a lead, load the bases or gives up a couple, then Tracy calls in help and the relievers give up a couple more cause of all the men on base. Capps is great but he isn't a miracle worker.

Anyway, on a lighter note as I mentioned earlier, I am trying to con a couple of my friends to write for this space. They are both bat boys for the visiting club house at PNC Park and I think they're clubhouse insight on other major league teams would be very valuable to building up this quaint blog that I'm sure no one is reading.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My Eyes Are Bleeding

from last night's Pirates - Royals game. I haven't seen a baseball game played that bad since, well, last Saturday when I watched one of my friend's 14 year old brother play. In all actuality, I think the 14 year olds actually played better when compared to their peers. The absolute worst pitching match-up I've seen hands-down. This was like trying to listen to that William Chung freak and Paris Hilton having a singing contest, only my eyes were bleeding not my ears. There was one wild pitch a piece in the first inning by both pitchers, both were out by the 5th (Kip in the 4th at some point). If my numbers aren't right on well, I got sick of watching these two teams throw feces at one another and watching game 6.

Is this the worst match-up of professional sports teams ever? Can anyone think of two worst teams playing one another. The only one that I can think of off the top of my head is the Texans - Niners match up last year. Or was that two years ago? Who cares, I remember them being the two worst teams in the league at the time and ESPN was actually accusing the teams of trying to throw the game to get a higher draft pick (was this the Bush Bowl? I forget).

Let me know if anyone thinks of any worse professional sports match-ups...

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Lloyd McClendon White Face

Jim Tracy, never content on just playing favorites threw Jack Wilson, a gold glove caliber SS, under the bus on a very difficult play with two outs that led to a 4 run inning for the Twins on Sunday. I believe Tracy's quote was something like, "I've seen plays like that made." OK Jim, let's see, you have the worst team record wise in the NL and your throwing one of your team leaders under the bus because he didn't make an amazing play. What a jack ass. I love how this guy plays favorites with Burnitz, Hernandez, and Randa by putting them in the starting line-up when they should be bench players at most (cept for Jose-K he shouldn't be on anyone's 25 man roster) and then throws people like Jack Wilson under the bus. Call me crazy but I don't think this is the best way to keep this team together when they have the worst record in the NL, do you?

Monday, June 19, 2006

Big Unbreakable Ben

Ben Roethlisberger, got cited by our very own Pittsburgh police force for riding without a helmet and permit. Who cares I say. No big deal. I don't think anyone else cares either.

In case you are wondering where I stand on this whole Ben, motorcycle thing, it's his life off the field, not our's, not the Steelers. Was what he did stupid and immature? Hell yes. It's not like he was caught fucking a hooker, doing lines off her back, while choking a baby. I mean Jesus Christ, people are acting like he owes the Steelers and us something. In reality, we owe him for giving us something I've been waiting for since the day I fell for the Steelers, a Super Bowl. People need to give the guy a break.

It was funny, my friend Ed and I were walking to the point for the Moe concert the Sunday before the crash and were in front of Jack's bar (I loathe that crowded, shitty bar. Not recommended. Go to Kopy's on 12th instead, literally a stones throw away). This guy with no helmet on decides to gun it and pop a wheelie right near us, we both shake our heads and I just said, "What a dumb-ass." I mean if the guy falls he's done. Ed of course agreed. I just hope Ben knows how lucky he is. He should be dead, thank god he's not. I don't think I could the Roethlisberger Era could to a halt like that.

Chris Henry 2.0?

God let's hope not. Santonio Holmes got arrested, again. We move up to get this guy and look what happens. Is he trying to break Chris Henry's record for arrests. I mean the guy hasn't even played a game yet and he's getting in trouble with the law. The first arrest was bull shit, from what I hear it sounds like he got locked up because he was a bit too drunk (oh yeah and he's black). So we can throw that one out I suppose. But this one, this one sounds bad. Domestic distribance is pretty bad, but who knows maybe some drunk bitch was just crying wolf. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

If anyone can guess...

For anyone who knows me, they know I love sports, but mostly Pittsburgh sports. And who can blame me for that? I moved to Pittsburgh when I was around 3 and have grown up in the wake of Barry Bonds 1.0 being unable to throw Sid Breem out. Has this scarred me? Fuck yes. I did lean on the Pens in my informative years however and if they leave town, well I don't want to deal with that right now, let's just say I'll be upset. And of course the Steelers. I love them, you love them, the world hates us and frankly I wouldn't have it any other way.

Anyway, a few specifics on myself. I grew up in the South Hills, however I go to school at The Citadel in Charleston, SC. I don't like it there. Not at all. I will be a senior next year and will be graduating in the spring, which is basically the only thing I get out of bed in the morning for. I come home whenever possible. I flew home for the Super Bowl just to soak it all in. You can often times find me at Dee's Cafe on the South Side attempting to put balls in pockets (Wait that doesn't sound right) play pool. I drink quite a bit, maybe too much, but I'm young. My basic interest (in order of importance) Steelers, alcohol, Pirates, Women, Penguins, video games, reading and other such endeavors...

Will anyone read this? I don't really give a fuck... I'm bored and I always read other people's shitty opinions so I thought maybe it's time to give the world mine, so here it is...