Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Crying Game

Well, how much longer do you expect this to keep happening? I looked over at my friends Alex and Todd last night (who will hopefully be writing in this space soon) rubbed my hands together in the top of the first and asked, "How are we gonna lose this one?" Of course I was right (maybe I should stop saying things like that, some girl I had been going out with called me rude and arrogant the other day. Fuck her I'm better than her anyway). But I mean "Com' on" as Jimmy would say, this is getting border line ridiculous.

I think Tracy needs to use a bit of a shorter rope with our young starters. I know, I know I would like to see them battle throw it as well, but this is becoming a disturbing trend. Our starters chug along till the 6th inning with a bit of a lead, load the bases or gives up a couple, then Tracy calls in help and the relievers give up a couple more cause of all the men on base. Capps is great but he isn't a miracle worker.

Anyway, on a lighter note as I mentioned earlier, I am trying to con a couple of my friends to write for this space. They are both bat boys for the visiting club house at PNC Park and I think they're clubhouse insight on other major league teams would be very valuable to building up this quaint blog that I'm sure no one is reading.

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