Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My Eyes Are Bleeding

from last night's Pirates - Royals game. I haven't seen a baseball game played that bad since, well, last Saturday when I watched one of my friend's 14 year old brother play. In all actuality, I think the 14 year olds actually played better when compared to their peers. The absolute worst pitching match-up I've seen hands-down. This was like trying to listen to that William Chung freak and Paris Hilton having a singing contest, only my eyes were bleeding not my ears. There was one wild pitch a piece in the first inning by both pitchers, both were out by the 5th (Kip in the 4th at some point). If my numbers aren't right on well, I got sick of watching these two teams throw feces at one another and watching game 6.

Is this the worst match-up of professional sports teams ever? Can anyone think of two worst teams playing one another. The only one that I can think of off the top of my head is the Texans - Niners match up last year. Or was that two years ago? Who cares, I remember them being the two worst teams in the league at the time and ESPN was actually accusing the teams of trying to throw the game to get a higher draft pick (was this the Bush Bowl? I forget).

Let me know if anyone thinks of any worse professional sports match-ups...

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