Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ozzie Confirms All Rumors...

And calls McClatchy a "fag" after his comments yesterday. Not that we didn't already know. From what I hear he's as queer as a three dollar bill, not that there's anything wrong with that (credit Seinfeld of course). I love how McClatchy drops these quotes like we haven't been losing for the past 14 years, then goes on to say he still has faith in DL and Tracy. I mean come on, just sell the fucking team already.

Anyway, Ozzie and the Cracker Sox are going to have to do quite a bit of what Ozzie is demonstrating above for our Rats to have any chances before Jimmy Leyland rides his Tigers back into town. I'm already dreading watching the next six home games... and I'm actually going to a third of them. Could we actually have a 20 game losing streak? Perhaps. We play (arguably) the two best AL teams (they have the best records anyway), then play the best team in the NL, the Metropolitans. Needless to say this week and a half will not be a fun one for you, me or anyone else who has invested anything into this joke of a season.

Oh yeah, the Pirates made their best front office move since getting JBay from the Pads a couple weeks ago by ramming these VOTE ads down our thoats. Don't get me wrong Bay has the numbers to start the all-star game, but should the worst team in baseball have an all-star starter or maybe even two. Jack might deserve it as well, but if this team has two all-star starters on it, the player with the most write-in NL votes (Freddy "Dirty" Sanchez), and a potential rookie of the year candidate (Ronny Paulino), shouldn't they be better than 26-51. Oh wait, we have our manager tossing players under the bus like a deranged, dip spitting, drunk step dad from some bad Lifetime movie...

I don't know why my two friends haven't posted anything yet, they are both better with baseball and writing in general than I am. As I said they both work in the visiting clubhouse at PNC so are pretty busy when the Rats are in town.

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