Tuesday, June 27, 2006

There is a God

Wow. I have to say I was mentally preparing myself for the Pens to be gone after this year. It seems in a startling turn of events that Mark Cuban and Danny Marino have joined the ownership group headed up by New York cab baron Andy Murstein. This guy has pledged in the past he wouldn't move the team if he bought it and this pretty much solidifies that. I heard this all on my lunch break on ESPN radio, apparently Tim Benz talked to that guy or something.

This is, in all reality, the best thing to happen since the Steelers won the Super Bowl. In case you people are either retarded or living under a rock, Sidney Crosby will bring this town multiple Stanley Cups. He's the best thing since Pittsburgh's very own French-Canadian Jesus, Mario Lemieux. I can't tell you how happy I am right now.

Granted, it's not like these guys have bought the team yet but they are perceived as one of the two front runners. This also puts huge pressure on Mario to sell the team to this ownership group simply because they will keep the team here. Now only if we could get Kevin Stevens back...


Che said...

Hopefully Cuban and Marino do buy the Pens. It would be interesting to see Cuban attempt an on-ice tirade ala his on-court explosion in the NBA finals, too. Add some entertainment value to Pens games in case they don't turn themselves around as quickly as we'd like.

Too bad Mike Lange got fired. Who will be scratching his back with a hacksaw after Sidney Crosby goals now?

Also, I'm pretty happy to find that I'm not the only one who calls the Pirates "the Rats"... though I guess now, I can't claim that I made it up.

C_Reg said...

yea, my friends and I have called them the rats for years. It's just logical at this point. thanks for reading.