Monday, July 03, 2006

Smurfs Invade World Cup!

If you're like me, or Papa Smurf, you've been thoroughly enjoying the World Cup games that are on as soon as I get up on the weekends. Frankly I find this whole "soccer" thing pretty sweet when played at its highest level. Of course, many of my friends often state that there is just not enough scoring in the game for them and I obviously cannot argue that beef considering it seems like half the games I've seen only have a goal or maybe none scored in a hour and 15 minutes. I enjoy the individual battles, and seeing these pussies act like they just got shot after touching (or sometimes nearly touching) a player from the opposite team. That's pretty much the only beef I have with the sport, the floppers. I think it was the Argentina goalie that had to be taken off in a stretcher, I mean come on man, walk yourself off like a fucking man.

At least its been diverting my attention away from our awful Rats... I went to the game on Saturday with my friend Ed, my rents and my cousins from Detroit. Needless to say my cousin's husband was not too happy he witnessed a game in which the Rats didn't lose by 1 run, since that's what he came all that way to see. (Congrads to JBay and especially Freddy Sanchez for making the all-star team. I don't really give a fuck about all-star games so I'm not going to write anything more on the subject.)

Funny side note, my cousins husband and I got pretty hammered watching the Italy - Ukraine game on Friday afternoon, which led me saying "the Ukraine is weak" about 50 times (ala Kramer is Seinfeld). Anyway later that night I was kicking his ass around the ice in NHL 2K6 for 360 and talking shit about it which led to this exchange.

Me: Looks like Sidney just got himself a hat trick in 2 periods.

Him: Looks like someone is banging your cousin tonight.

Me: (shocked silence) Dude, that's too much.

Him: You started it.

If you think things escalated a bit quickly there, I'm with you. I was drunk enough that I did a kind of double take, these are the moments when I wish my life was taped 24/7.

But I digress, everyone have a good 4th, I know I'm starting mine off in the most Anti-American way possible, getting drunk and watching the Germans beat the shit out of those greasy Italians at 3 pm... Hopefully no one will attempt to blow my head off with a roman candle this year, but I guess we'll find out in 24 hours or so.

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