Friday, July 07, 2006

Well, I really hate to do this

I hate all this pre-season football talk when camp doesn't open till the 28th of this month (yes improbably more excited than you), but I can't believe the amount of shit talking other teams are doing on our World Champion Pittsburgh Steelers. All I hear from Bungles fans is that they would've won that game if Carson doesn't get hurt... then how did we beat three better teams in the following weeks. All I hear from Pats fans is that it was an off year for them... what has changed signifigantly for them since last year, one rookie RB. All I hear from Dirty Birds fans is that how Steve McNair is going to lead them to a division title... isn't this the same guy we destroyed last year in week one? All I hear from Browns fans... well who cares, they'll always suck (look at the bums they over paid for in FA).

Have the Steelers really changed at all? They lost Antwaan who had a total of 558 yards with 1 TD last year, frankly I'm not missing that. I am willing to bet that Holmes will have more TD's this year than Antwaan had last year. We lost Bettis, who meant more in the locker room than on the feild last year, which any fan of the team knows(368 yards, 9 TD's). We lost Kimo, who would've been benched this year for Brett Keisel anyway. I am so sick of ESPN analysis that keep saying that despite the loss of these players our team is any worse off. In 2 of these cases this could be addition by subtraction. I mean think about it, this is like taking the Roto Wheel, the Exterminator and the Pittsburgh Plunge out of Kennywood, no one is really going to miss them (cept maybe the Plunge). The most signifigant player we lost (which no one is talking about) is Chris Hope. Granted he had some tackling problems (despite being 3rd in total tackles) but he's the only person I even worry a little bit about losing.

Not to mention as ESPN's John Cayton points out in an insider article I can't link you to,

"Ben Roethlisberger, 24, will mature into a Pro Bowl-caliber passer this season, and he can partly thank his recent motorcycle accident for assisting in the process. The motorcycle accident was a wake-up call for him. Roethlisberger is a good kid. His stubbornness in riding a motorcycle without a helmet and buying faster, more dangerous bikes represents his flirtation with the wild side. Those days are gone. He will come out of this accident more focused and much more humble. Before the accident, Roethlisberger spent the offseason working on plays to make the offense more open to passing. He's lifting weights and trying to get his body ready for the first practice at the Steelers' training camp in Latrobe, Pa. Though his face is puffy with bruises from the accident, he could have a full training camp. "

So Ben will be back on time with a new dedication for his job... I'd be afraid if I were the rest of the league.

This last paragraph is especially for all you Bungle fans that think they own the division after one season over .500 since '91. I use to not mind Bungle fans you knew your place in the division, but you guys have gotten real loud real quick. It's partly because you have so many loud mouth, dumb-asses on your team that you just take after them (i.e. CJ). We still own you. Quit bitching about the "cheap hit", your shitty defense didn't do anything to stop us after the 1st quarter in the playoff game. By the way Sam Adams is a washed up old, fat man (if you think he'll help your run D check out how well the Bills did, or didn't do in that department last hear). As for Dexter Jackson and Madu Williams they just aren't that good... So fuck you Bungles, Fuck you Cinnci, you'll be back in your place after this year (oh BTW the Reds will fall on their collective faces down the stretch). Can't wait till week three.

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