Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Double Take

Terribly sorry for the 8 of you that check this website on a frequent enough basis to relize that I haven't posted much. Nothing really that interesting has been happening lately (at least nothing interesting enough for me to write about). Anyway something caught my eye last night when I was in Vesuvio on the South Side getting some pizza. I was waiting for my slices to heat in the oven so I picked up the PM (free) edition of the Trib (I hate the Trib and their right wing garbage) and on the front it states something to the extent of Dan Rooney will not ask for a motorcycle clause in Ben's next conract. this initially shocked me, I mean why wouldn't he? I was a bit buzzed, so baturally I dwelled on this for a while. I read the stroy once I got back to my friends apartment and it actaully all made sense. The quote from Mr. Rooney was, "I think everyone learned a valuable lesson from what happened." I couldn't agree more, but I'm sure Ben agrees much more infadically than I do.

If you asked me 2 days ago if I wanted to bet if the Steelers were going to put a motorcycle clause in his contract my only question would've been, "how much you got?" I mean Mr. Rooney is a crusty old man, not exactly a young hip guy. I wouldn've expected him to protect his invest ment at all costs. However, then I started to think about the extent the Steelers aren't just a football team, they are more of a family, the Corleone family actually.

If you start to think about it Dan Rooney chairman of the team is Vito Corleone. He's getting older, starting to get a bit behind the times but hey he's still got it. He's still got all the power that comes with being one of the greatest owners of this generation and already being in the Football Hall of Fame.

I could say Art Rooney II would be Sonny since he is the heir apparent but I want to go in a more creative route. Sonny is Cowher, hot temper, could boil over at any second, stay out of his way when he's angry. Not only this but he is destined for a fall, falling in line with the speculation that Cowher is gone after this year... everyone loves Sonny but they know that he wouldn't last forever.

Michael Corleone is Ken Whisenhunt the heir apparent once Sonny is out of the picture (at least let's hope so, for those of who who think this should be Grimm's job slide him in). He's quite and reserved right now when he doesn't have much power, but expect changes once he does become godfather...

Fredo... I'm looking at the list of member of the Steelers' front office / coaching staff and no one is popping out at me, but only one person comes to mind, Tom Donhoe. He jumped ship for more money and power in Buffalo, which turned out to be a huge mistake. He ended up getting wacked by the Bills this January. He now sleeps with the fishes...

Tom Hagan, the lawyer who acts as advisor to Michael much of the time is Kevin Colbert. Often waiting in the wings, not taking too much attention for himself, is the exact role Colbert takes with this team. He does a lot of work no one ever hears about.

You can plug players into the soldier positions from the movie and there you go. Our very own Steelers' Corleone family.

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