Monday, August 21, 2006

The Last Action Hero

Well it's about that time of year kiddies, the time where there aren't more than 2 or 3 reasons to watch the Buccos. They lose almost every day and there is no way they will make the post season. So here are my final few reasons to watch the Bucs.

1. Can Snell win 15 games? He needs 4 more wins and can do it if he pitches the way he has been pitching. He has about 6 or 7 starts left so it is within his reach.

2. Will Freddy Sanchez win the batting title? He is hitting .352 and has a 16 point lead over his next challenger, Miguel Cabrera. The other question at hand is will he collect 200 hits? He has 153 in 120 games with 38 games remaining in the season. He will need 47 hits, and I think he will do both.

Its nice to see Freddy atop the leader board, where he has been pretty much the whole season. People in Pittsburgh are checking the papers daily to see if Freddy grabbed a few hits and strengthened his lead. It is very nice to see a Bucco chasing the batting title for the first time since 1983. GO BUCS!


Bern1 said...

It's mind-boggling to ponder what Freddy's numbers would be if he had been permitted to start regularly during the first month or so.

He'd probably already have 60 doubles and about 180 hits.

krusecontrol said...

Actually ... Andy Van Slyke could have been said to be chasing a batting title in 1992, when he finished just 6 points behind Gary Sheffield (.330 to .324).

apk said...

Actually, AVS was flat-out chasing the title that summer. I remember them talking about it every day. He actually finished the season with 199 hits (i think the most in the league) and had significantly more Hs than Shef, who had (if memory serves) just enough ABs to qualify for the title.