Monday, March 12, 2007

Quick Update

Quick arena news update for anyone living under a rock since last Thursday.... Things went well, about as well as things could've gone with out announcement saying, "The deal is done." A joint statement was issued saying that significant progress was made and they would meet again this Wednesday. I heard that they wanted to meet sooner but some schedules wouldn't allow it. The Lemieux group was also suppose to meet with AEG over the weekend who runs the Sprint Center in KC and that didn't happen. AEG was supposedly "upset" over the progress made on Thursday (fucking blood suckers). Honestly what city builds an arena then tries to steal other cities teams, it's beyond me. I can't wait till KC either gets an expansion team so they suck and no one will go or they get the Preds from Nashville and people will stop going once this odd sport on ice loses its novelty.

Hopefully, this will all be over Wednesday. It better be over by my spring break or I just won't be able to enjoy myself on the cruise I'm going on. Anyway I have a delightful strategic management test to work on. I'll update after the meeting on Wednesday where hopefully we'll all have some good news. I could use some.

PS -- Thanks to Joey Porter's Pit Bulls for the link to my barely sensible rambling from last Thursday.

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