Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Best Thing Since...

Well it seems we've done almost everything except gift wrap our city's most promising sports team to those rat bastards in KC (where hockey has already failed). The whole slots license thing went exactly how everyone thought it would (with the exception of Harrah's reach around proving ineffective and the casino being on the North Shore and not Station Square). But it seems as though talks between Pittsburgh's Most Wanted (the Penguin Rendell and the Joker Onorato) and the Lemieux Group are moving along and are said to be "promising". For the record, I was never really worried about the Pens leaving, our attendance the last two years has been phenomenal, although I'd be out for blood if the Pens move.

I am about to graduate college at the age of 22 which is scary , but I couldn't imagine playing in the NHL or any other professional league. Yet I can confidently say that 4of our best players are all younger than I am. Sidney Crosby, Geno Malkin, Jordan Stall, and Marc-Andre Fleury are all very special players to the point that I have to remind my self of their ages every time I see them play, but especially Sidney . I mean no one has come close to being this good this young in any sport. He is hands down the best player on the ice every night and he hasn't even peaked yet, not even close. The game is just different when he is out there. Some of the plays he makes are just mind boggling to even watch. When trying to explain who Sidney Crosby is to people in this neck of the woods (the South) where they know absolutely nothing about the sport (yet still have more teams than Canada, but thats for a different post) I really just can't explain it. I try to say he's Michael Jordan, but he's far too unselfish to be MJ. I guess you could compare him to someone like Barry Sanders or maybe LaDainian Tomlinson, but that isn't close to right either. Sidney Crosby is the most talented athlete I've seen play any sport hands down, the only thing I can confidently compare him to is someone like Motzart (only he was 5 when he wrote his first piece of music). The only players from his sport you can possibly compare him to are Lemieux and Gretzky. I've seen both them play, granted I couldn't appreciate their primes, and Sid is going to be better. In my opinion he is more complete than both were right now. No one has done what Sidney does on the ice. It honestly makes me giddy just to see him skate around in the offensive zone with the puck because it could go anywhere. It honestly wouldn't surprise me if he did a jumping 360 to get by a defenseman, oh wait.... If you haven't seen him play in person yet you have to go see him. I can't think of another athlete I've seen that I can say with absolute certainty that I will tell my unborn (thank god) children about, oh wait he'll still be playing when my kids are 10. It's just insane to think this 19 year old kid is dominating a sport where players peak in their late 20's / early 30's, and he is 20.

Thing about it is he just doesn't impress me when he has the puck, he plays all 200 feet of the ice equally as hard. He's gritty as fuck too. When he got speared in the last game against the Islanders by Jason Blake (who's also an all-star, so that should make for an interesting locker room...), he got up and started to scream, "Your fucking dead.... DEAD." I felt chill rush over me when that happened. I was terrified, yet was smirking like an idiot. Some how he got a penalty on the play and not Blake, go figure. Also in the Saturday game again Philthadelphia, Zhitnik (fucking communist btw, check out his home country) cross checked Sidney in the neck, Sid just got up and screamed at him and he, once again, got a penalty. My frist concern is that the refs aren't doing enough to protect the only thing the NHL has going for it at this point and my second more alarming concern is that no one from the Pens decked this Cossack piece of shit when it happened. I was foaming at the mouth when it happened (in fact my buddy Wes from DC I was watching the game with stated, "I'm betting you'll have your first Pittsburgh sports related heart attack at 33 and the sad part is he's probably right...). I was listening to the game online on Tuesday and I guess someone got Blake for the assault but still. If I were Brooksy or Max Talbot I would KILL that mother fucker. Seeing us get so chippy with Philthadelphia was great though. I'm all for hiring one of the Hanson brothers to shadow Sid around the ice and drop anyone who goes near him. Now that would be entertaining.

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